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1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 6 – [Legs]

Please forgive me as these photos were taken quite hastily. After adjusting the arms on the previous WIP, I worked on the right leg which was a real pain, especially the foot. Finally I have finished it! Do note that some of these changes may be a bit hard to see.

The triangle shaped part of the thigh at the top has been deepened. It’s not perfect but that area is pretty difficult to work with. I also scribed some new panel lines on the front of the thigh.

This may be hard to see from just looking at the image, but the angle at the top of the knee has been changed to slant down more.

Also somewhat hard to see, but the angle at which the door on the shin can open is alot wider. On the inside, instead of storing a missile, I stuffed some putty in to make the legs heavier and I hope to be able to create some mechanical details with some toothpicks.

The foot, which took me the longest out of everything, ended up like this. What do you think? I had many designs and plans for it, but they all failed and I didn’t want to work on it for any longer so I took the quickest and most appealing route to finish it.

The back of the foot. I used putty to make an extension for the middle part of the heel. The sides of the heel had some parts cut off.

So that it can fold down like this and act as stabilizers on the ground.

Now that I know exactly what to do with the leg, the other leg should go by much faster, although recreating the foot doesn’t seem very fun at all. I wonder what I’ll do next after finishing the other leg…Paint? No, the modifications are not over yet.


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