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A Month of Figures 2 – August 2011

August 1st – August 7th:

Well, the beginning of this month started off badly with AmiAmi getting angry at me because I decided to cancel a bit more items. They sent me a final notification, which mentioned crap about me that wasn’t true, so it was pretyped-up as expected. Last month, I have already explained all of my reasons and the situation (see the currency rate before & after July 7th). If they will not be flexible enough to help, then that’s their problem of losing a few customers. But it’s not like they will mind losing just a few, they are the largest online figure shop after all, right?

Probably because of these things, I haven’t gotten much good sleep. I have been typing on the blog a lot too, posted quite a few photoshoots. Good progress I think, still have a lot to catch up to though.

August 8th – August 15th:

Now that I (probably) can’t cancel anymore items, I started to have money concerns, especially since I will be entering a 4-year university.  I didn’t preorder anything, until I’m certain about what to do.

The Nendoroid Kud Desktop Review took a few days to draft, so tired just doing it. I also started to message on Skype more than ever now, because I made a Japanese friend who is online often, unlike 99% of my other contacts.

August 15th – August 21st:

This anime season, I decided to keep up with the shows that I’m watching, unlike the previous seasons where I am months or years behind. Well now I’m too caught up. Sometimes I would be in the mood for a certain series, but the next episode isn’t out yet.

I didn’t blog too much this week, had a lot of problems to think about. I debated about preorders and selling things. I also cleaned my desk and moved the figures around, it has been a while since I did that.

August 22nd – August 31st:

On the 24th at 11:45pm, I experienced my first fully conscious Earthquake. It was a minor 3.6, but the first second of it felt strong. It lasted about 5 seconds. It makes me worried about this house, it’s old and weak and I’m on the second floor…

On Saturday the 27th, me and a friend went to Japantown to buy some stuff. Coincidentally, it was the J-Pop Summit Festival on that weekend. Now before you say it seems fun, just let me tell you that you are imagining things. I will complain all about it later.

There wasn’t much new posts on the blog, but behind the scenes, I have been working on sorting out photos of a photoshoot for days. WordPress recently made it even harder to blog with full-sized image, again. I hope to be able to get that post out soon. A lot of different things kept me occupied, including waking up late, cleaning my PC in terms of files, and trying to sell things.I also got a new bike for university.

AmiAmi had gotten me even more annoyed. There was an order, in which everything would fit just fine. I have all of the items before, and using their 2nd to biggest box, I was able to fit everything with room for packing. However, they say that they will not ship it as SAL for fear of damage. AmiAmi’s boxes are strong and packages are not mishandled here. I have also received a package with no packing before, so why can’t they do it this time? This is what the customer wants! Your apologies do not pay for the shipping cost!


2 responses to “A Month of Figures 2 – August 2011

  1. EXkurogane September 1, 2011 at 18:09

    WonFes poison already paralysed my wallet. Ordered Nendo Yami-chan, Nendo Millhiore Biscotti, Figma BRS2035, and Figma BRSB, Might order my 5th and 6th one Nendo Miku Append and Alter’s 1/8 Naoe Kanetsugu. Procrastinating because of budget issues. >.<

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