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1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 7 – [Armor Up]

Continuing from the previous WIP, the other leg was finished quickly like I thought. However, before we continue on, I want to ask, what if I just stopped right there? (Here is a lame photoshopped image of how it is supposed to look like at that time.)

So what if I said that all of the modifications are done and that the last thing left is to paint it? What would you think of this OverFlag?

Personally, I felt that it was missing something. It’s missing a “wow” factor, something that makes people amazed when they set their eye on the model. A great paint job is an important element, but the shape of the what they see is also another.

With the “wow” factor in mind, I added several different parts to OverFlag for a more completed feel. Most of the new additions are in black because they have not been primed.

Close-up on the face and upper body. Think what you will of the horn, but there is a high chance that I will leave it there. The 2 collar fins were also replaced by what originally was its own small wings on its hip thrusters.

After researching other modelers’ work of their OverFlags, I found out that the wings were just absolutely necessary in keeping the OverFlag look. Specifically, it is the way it swings upward like a “V” is the most captivating part about the wings.

The way I made the wings on my OverFlag may be a bit unnatural or bizarre, but I will try to refine it later if I could.

Various additions of parts to the waist and hip. They are all still very rough, needs to be refined later. I really like how my idea is turning out though. ^^

As mentioned earlier, wings were added to the upper thrusters, but the large center thruster was also replaced by this nice-looking metal part. The lower thrusters were spread out to an angle and the mini-wings on them were also pushed back for more space for the arms.

More nice-looking metal parts for the arms and legs. I might make the ones on the legs recess into the legs though.

Parts added to the front and back of the lower legs. It certainly buffs them up quite a bit. They are pretty heavy too, since I stuffed lots of putty into them in order to make OverFlag bottom heavy.

Well that is all of my current progress. The next step is refining all of the parts, such as: adding details, smoothing parts out, finalizing the modifications.etc. The next WIP will not be any time soon. I’ll be moving out for university and I probably won’t bring OverFlag with me, meaning I will not be able to work on him for a long time. Hate to end it here but consider this project indefinitely on-hold.

おまけ Omake
Here is a small gift for the indefinite wait.


2 responses to “1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 7 – [Armor Up]

  1. chubbybots September 13, 2011 at 17:51

    Ah maybe you can refer to this build. http://ameblo.jp/masamunechan/theme-10026986716.html

    Some how i am think if the shoulder armour and forearms are slight bigger it might look better. Just my 2 cents.

    • セイヤ/Flawless September 14, 2011 at 03:51

      I have already saw that one, great detailing work! I honestly doubt that I can do something like that. Not that I don’t want to try but I lack the proper tools and materials.

      I actually think that the shoulder armors are big enough as is. I actually would like it even smaller. As for the forearms, I couldn’t come up with anything to do with them.

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