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A Month of Figures 5 – November 2011

Nov 1st – Nov 7th:
Personally, I only remember a bit of this week. Luckily, I typed down notes of how the week was. So first I had to rush to finish an essay, which happens every time. After the essay, I finally get to play some Battlefield 3. Flying jets is hard and after a while I gave up on it. ^^;;

There was a funny prank among our roommates where we mushed a Tootsie Roll into looking like a piece of poo, of which we tucked into a roommate’s bed. ^^;

As always of me, I continued to decorated my side of the room. This time with some posters from Megami and NyanType magazines. I also hung my Feena dakimakura cover up onto the wall. Looks really nice. ^^

I also made some posts as well. That seems to be the pattern these days, posts at the end/beginning of a month.

Nov 8th – Nov 14th:
I went back home for the weekend, with a roommate who will be sleeping over, and another friend came over to play. Getting back into Yugioh, me and my little brother bought a Legendary Collection 2 folder and split it, but it actually was my friend who walked in the rain to get it. I had some of my older cards, but still started off with a weak deck. Not that I mind, I play very casually now. ^^;

I started to watch Gundam AGE and Kamen Rider Fourze as well. AGE seems decent so far and Fourze had a great start. Looking forward to seeing some more of both.

We went to San Francisco’s Japantown again. I didn’t really want to go at first since I only wanted a single volume of manga, but now I’m glad I went because I bought something I ended up really enjoying. More info on the new loots in November Loots.

I also went to Ikea and got a couple photos frames. As you can see above, I brought a lot back to my dorm. With these new stuff I organized my desk some more.

Nov 15th – Nov 21st:
This week was not good at all. I made a new post on figure.fm to sell some stuff but no luck, only Nendoroid Madoka got sold. A roommate bought a MG Gundam Astray Red Frame from Amazon. He quickly built the frame of the upper body. I am kind of worried that he will screw up painting it. He has some experience with painting, but he sounds over confident with not much to back it up…

The really bad thing is that I begun to get a stomach problem. I would eat a bit then I would feel bloated, like I need to burp but can’t. Fortunately, it resolved itself later. Another thing was the university protests and pepper spray. It’s famous by now, and yes, that is my university.

Nov 22nd – Nov 30th:
I hung out with a rather distant friend for a bit. To be honest, I wish that we could hang out together more often, but I tried my best. An early weekend because of Thanksgiving. Going home was of course the best choice. However, I had to get a ride from my undependable roommate (spent the day with Battlefield 3 as I waited).

When I got home, I was able to take nice baths, and of course I was lazy on school work. My usual friend came over and he brought his spare Yugioh cards, which he used to help me revamp mine. With my friend, we browsed through my one of my new loots, which was the OreImou anime guidebook.

For some reason, I all of a sudden wanted new PSP themes. A site I bookmarked a while ago gets revisited, which I should put onto my blogroll soon. I played a lot of games too, including the borrowed Dead Space 2 and Battlefield 3, but I also downloaded a demo for a Japanese 360 game called Instant Brain. It’s very good, got hooked on it. ^^;

After I got back from the weekend, I got super busy, especially with so many things due. Even still, I organized my external HD a bit. Unfortunately, I had quite a bit of uneasy sleep, might be because I left some towels back home. I also left my cell phone too…Being the end of the month now, I took quite a bit of photos and now I have a huge stockpile of posts to draft.


2 responses to “A Month of Figures 5 – November 2011

  1. Q December 8, 2011 at 04:08

    Just noticed your figma WRS and MISAKA. DIdn’t know that the latter has a black stand unlike the others. Say, how do you find BRS the GAME? I find it rather short, and I kinda wish WRS has more screen time and perhaps a different ending. Oh well.

    • セイヤ/Flawless December 9, 2011 at 11:56

      Yeah, Misaka Imouto has a black stand since it has a gold sticker (indicating her #) underneath. I actually took the sticker and put it on top to show it off. ^^

      I have been so busy lately that I did not have much time to play the game, so I have not finished it. Currently, I’m still on Stage 2. ^^;;
      Thank you for not having any spoilers.

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