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アクションベース2 Action Base 2

I bought an Action Base 2 for my gunpla a while ago, but I never got to build it up. When I was returning back to my dorm from Thanksgiving break, I took it with me and finished it by the end of the week.

First, I roughly cut out the parts for the connector.

Then I quickly built up supporting arm. Both the arm and the connector is very roughly sanded. I didn’t spent too much time on them.

Then I spent a couple hours to sand the edges and corners of the base. I wanted the corners to be sharp, and that really did took a couple hours of just sanding the sides to accomplish.

Straight build done. For just a base, usually I would just stop here. However, since I haven’t build a kit in so long, I wanted to practice and get back into the mood.

So first I painted the pipes in silver.

Then I chose to add some details and weathering into the pipes.

Afterwards, I painted all of the black areas with a steel-like color and then some shadowing. I don’t think I have ever tried shadowing before.

Did all of the above to both pieces of the base. The sides where the pipes lead off are left kind of weird. I didn’t really have any other plans for it.

And done! I’m actually quite surprised at how well the base turned out myself. It looks really neat and I’m very happy about it. ^^

I intentionally left the arm black. Having the arm entirely black with no details makes it a bit more “invisible”. If I had worked on the arm, I feel that the final product might really look like a crane arm holding up a mobile suit. Although it may be inconsistent, I think that this is a good choice.


2 responses to “アクションベース2 Action Base 2

  1. Q December 17, 2011 at 23:31

    I like your approach on giving the base an extra touch-up. Where is the red sticker from? I see you like the steel colour quite a lot there like you have done on the Over Flag~

    Leaving the arm as it is is good or else as you say it would look like the MS is being attached or held up rather than floating in the air.

    • セイヤ/Flawless December 18, 2011 at 08:00

      Thanks! The red is not a sticker, I just colored it with a regular red sharpie marker.

      I do like that steel color a lot. If there is any grey or black, usually I would replace it with this steel color.

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