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A Month of Figures 7 – January 2012

Jan 1st – 7th:
This was the last week of my winter break. I don’t remember much of what I did, but I’m sure that I watched lots of anime, particularly Index II, and quite a bit of games.

The break ends and I returned back to university on Saturday the 7th. I spent that entire day moving furniture and stuff out and around the room, creating a new configuration. Although the room is a double, it looks like a single because of how much room I freed up. ^^

(These photos, except the last one, is prior to the rearrangement.)

Jan 8th – 14th:
2nd quarter of my 1st year at university starts, and within this first week I’m already doing pretty bad in my Japanese class. Not that the class is difficult, but because I refuse to buy the dumb textbook & workbook, so I couldn’t follow in the class or do the assignments. In other classes; however, I’m doing fine. Otherwise, I continued to decorate the room with some posters.

Jan 15th – 21st:
After the posters, I put up some photo frames and my calendars. Interestingly, a suitemate’s friend wandered in and got confused over why my room has 2 desks. Another person lives here, not just me. Of course, my bed is seemingly nonexistent now. I will get you some photos of the current style next time.

As for fun stuff, I watched some Index II, Sora no Otoshimono, KissxSis, Infinite Stratos, and a bit of Nichijou. I also worked on MG Exi a little bit. Not only that but selling stuff appears to be going well.

Jan 22nd – 31st:
Stuff continued to be selling pretty well, and I continued to watch stuff as well, including Infinite Stratos,  Nichijou, Gundam AGE, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi, KissxSis, and I even finished Toaru Majutsu no Index II. Index II was great and I’m very glad that I have finally got around to finishing it. ^^

A roommate of mine got very into gunpla, which is nice I guess. I myself worked on Exia some more, and I also saw a MG 00 Gundam 7 Sword/G for sale for a very good price, so I bought it. For some reason that shocked my roommate, who seemed to have made a big deal about it.

As for random things, some friends were playing Initial D in the arcade we have here. I often get really hungry and can’t find much good food. I needed to pay for my online orders and need money. I have also started to be falling behind in school it seemed.


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