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A Month of Figures 8 – Feburary 2012

Feb 1st – 7th:
As continued from January, I continued to do poorly at school. In Japanese, I didn’t do any homework. In some of my other classes, I felt that I didn’t do too well on the midterms. Other than that, I didn’t write anything down about the week…

(Also, although I had intended to take some photos of my dorm room, I suddenly got busy at the end of the month. So this post only has 1 photo, sorry. o(TヘTo))

Feb 8th – 14th:
I got a couple some more midterms to do, then later in the week, I got all of my midterms graded. To my honest surprise, I didn’t fail a single one. ^^;;

So good news after another, this weekend was WonFes 15! I didn’t make any post about it, but I did sat in front of my PC, glued to the monitor and watched the broadcasts on NND. There were definitely some figures that I’m very excited for. A couple programs on the broadcasts also introduced me to a couple shows, such as +Tic Neesan and Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

Speaking of broadcasts, there was an α test gameplay of Phantasy Star Online 2 too. Pretty interesting and it has been a long time since I played any Phantasy Star, so that sparked me to try Phantasy Star Portable on the PSP.

My study abroad date approaches, so I listed some items for sell in order to earn some more money. A few things got sold thankfully. I also started to think about the things to pack and take with me. In other great news, the USDxJPY exchange rate improved. (⌒∇⌒)

Feb 15th – 21st:
The exchange rate continued to improve and before I went home for weekend, I finished watching Infinite Stratos and did a combined photoshoot of Nendoroid Kirino & Kuroneko. When I got home for weekend, a friend got very sick unfortunately, so he couldn’t hang out with me. Alone with nothing else to do, I downloaded some episodes of Black Rock Shooter, Papa no iu koto wo Kikinasai, and Senki Zesshou Symphogear. I still have not watched any of those episodes… (^_^;)

I took my laptop with me for the weekend and on my laptop was the demo for the game, BaldrSky. It has been too long since I last played any galge, so I decided to look more into it. Speaking of games, I tried to play a very hard misson in Gundam Musou 3 and I failed several times over…

Although I’m not a fan of Ikkitousen, I realized that mixed up season 2 and 3. As a result I skipped season 2 by accident, so I quickly marathoned it. My little brother had bought a Frame Arms Gourai a while back, and he still haven’t built it, so I built some of it for him. I also finished a photoshoot of Figma Shirai Kuroko.

On the even right before I had to leave, I read a little bit of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Vol. 4. I still haven’t finished it and I didn’t had time to read much. To my surprise, the exchange rate continued to get better. After I got back to my dorm and unpack however, I noticed that I left my pillow cover. ∑( ̄□ ̄;)

Feb 22nd – 29th:
Although our housing plan for the next school year was settled, it turns out that  one of our friends will be withdrawing from school. So basically, now we need to find someone to replace his part on the lease, quite a pain. The days also got very windy, which made it immensely difficult to bike (in Davis, biking is the way to go).

It’s hard to believe, but the exchange really did got better and didn’t drop back down immediately. Nothing else really happened, especially on the blog. I wasn’t able to take photos of the room. I wanted to marathon Gundam 00, both season + the movie, but some of my friends couldn’t do it with me.

On Twitter, I noticed that some of the people I follow were tweeting about Hanazawa Kana’s solo deput live broadcast on Ustream. Lucky that I saw those tweets and jumped right into the broadcast. I had almost missed it! (;´▽`;“)

I continued working on MG Exia, and I should be able to get the next WIP post out not too far from now. As for anime, I started on some new shows: the first 2 parts of Minami-ke Betsubara, the 1st episode of Working’!!, and 2 episodes of Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo.

Lastly, I encountered various issues regarding my traveling plans in Japan. I had to think a lot about it and change it several times. The issues include multiple flights, wasteful travel, cost of shinkansen, time, and I even came across an issue when I tried to reserve my flights. Also, this year was a leap year, extra day.


4 responses to “A Month of Figures 8 – Feburary 2012

  1. セイヤ/Flawless March 6, 2012 at 16:40

    PS: The next A Month of Figures will be last one! (for the time being)

  2. TakoTalk March 9, 2012 at 10:29

    Yay! Kirino is alive! I never thought I would see the day when you unboxed her. You must of felt accomplished, because I know I did! Can’t wait for the photoshoots.

    What did you think Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai? I watched the first two episodes, and I didn’t really know what to think of it. Hopefully we can see some more figures too! +Tic Neesan was cute, and I watched it raw. REALLY want the nendo. But yeah. ^__^

    • セイヤ/Flawless March 9, 2012 at 14:38

      Sorry for the wait! Oh man, I should really get to sorting all the photos and upload them… >.<

      I have only watched the 1st episode and overall, I think that Papa no Iu koto wo Kikinasai seems to be an enjoyable show to watch. The only thing I don't like is how the noses' side view are drawn I guess.

      +Neesan was absolutely hilarious. I didn't think I could laugh so much. ^^;
      Pretty tempted to buy the DVD/BD set along with the Nendo.

    • TakoTalk March 10, 2012 at 01:19

      It’s okay, take your time! I hope you don’t feel rushed…

      It is a cute series, and the nose thing is alright, I didn’t really notice. By the way, when you start watching Black Rock Shooter, get ready to be mindf*cked! Yomi and some others are crazy!

      I really want to buy the Neesan nendo, but it’s kind of weird since there are only two episodes out, and I don’t know much about the character. But I guess reading the manga wouldn’t hurt. Good luck in school too! :D

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