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メロンパン Melonpan


Today, I would like to introduce to you all about Melonpan! This is my first time eating it. I’m sure that many of you have at least heard about Melonpan (Shana’s favorite food!). Pan (パン) means bread and melon is self-explanatory. However, please note that this is not supposed to taste like a melon, but rather, it is referring to the shape of the bread instead.


I bought it at a super market yesterday, and although it may be fine to eat it as is, I heated it up a little bit in a microwave. By doing so, the bread is warm, puffy, and gives off a nice, sweet, delicious smell!


Biting into it, you will soon find that it is soft on the inside and crunchy on the top side. Together with the sprinkles of sugar on it, the taste of sweetness melts into your mouth. It was absolutely delicious! Have you ever ate a Melonpan before? If you haven’t, then it is a must-try when you get the chance!


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