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プリン Pudding

Is it too far of a stretch to call it Japan’s food? The first time I have ever seen a pudding was in anime, and I had never ate one before until now that I’m in Japan.

The Big プッチン プリン brand, it’s large as the name suggests and it’s price isn’t much different than other brands. It also has an ingenious feature on its package that allows you to easily put it onto a plate.

That feature sure worked even smoother than I thought!

Looks so shiny and smooth, making it seem even more delicious than already. (°¬°)

I took a bite…and it tasted really good! It’s sweet, full of flavor and seems to almost melt on your tongue. Normally I’m not one for sweets, but I do like this pudding. ^^

おまけ Omake
I have always wanted to do this.


2 responses to “プリン Pudding

  1. 赤信号 May 14, 2012 at 21:23

    shakey shakey pudding! I always wanted to do that as well XD

    Man it looks real good. *drools*

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