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Day 3 in Japan (京都 Kyoto)

Continuing off from the night of my 2nd day in Japan, this was very early in the morning when the bus stopped to let people take breaks. My exhausted eyes could barely open, not to mention that I had my contacts on day and night.

Passed by Hikone, where some people got off.

And some more people got off at Minami Kusatsu as well.

Finally at around 7:30am, I arrived at Kyoto at the Kyoto station, where I then got lost for a while. Not that I didn’t know where I was or where I was going, but I couldn’t figure out how to get to where I needed to go. I asked the station staffs, but nobody knew about the Kyoto Seika University, where I needed to go to, and it didn’t show up on maps.

After a lot of time and energy wasted, I believe that I have figured out how to get to the university. Now at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae station, waiting to get to Sanjou Keihan to switch to the Keihan line.

After taking the Keihan line all the way up North, I arrived at Demachiyanagi where I need to take another line up further North.

Finally! University spotted! It turns out that the university is far to the North, and being a less well-known university, no body knew about it. But you would think that I’m not the first person ever to ask about that university…

Heading towards the dormitory to drop off all my stuff and seeing what kind of place it is. Here is the neighborhood around it, which I will walking through everyday to go to class. However, once I got to the dorm…

Well first, the video above sums up my journey to the university, and then the video will show you how upset I’m with the dormitory and my room.

After taking the video and resting up, I took things into my own hands and radically changed the layout of the room while cleaning everything. That took a couple more hours as you might imagine. The trash can, however, was beyond salvation…

It was a really hectic day getting to the university, seeing how horrendous the room is, and also realizing that most of the other study abroad students were annoying. Luckily though, I later met my roommate and he turned out to be a good person. Since I haven’t ate in about 30 hours, I went to the closest super market here and saw this Working!! decorated car along the way. Not quite an itasha, but still a treat to see. (^ω^)


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