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My Kotatsu in Kyoto

Back at my dorm in Kyoto, me and my roommate split for a kotatsu in the room. Sure it was Spring and heading towards Summer, but a kotatsu was kind of too awesome to pass up on. Not to mention we didn’t have a proper table anyways.

Big box arrived! It was actually really thin, so not unmanageable to carry by hand.
This was ¥4000, bought from Amazon.jp.

Table top, table body (with heater), legs. Not hard to put together.

The table top can be flipped over for 2 different colors. We went with the darker color, it was a really nice looking board indeed.

Table put together! But this doesn’t resemble the usual kotatsu…?

Another big box arrived! Was big but light for its size.

This was what was inside. This was ¥3500, also from Amazon.jp.

Isn’t it beautiful? I have always wanted a kotatsu and I was really happy to have one in our dorm room for our time in Kyoto. Having this in our room truly made our room unique, as if it wasn’t unique already. ^^;

The power cable for the heater unit is hung up to a corner.

Heating up! At first, I was worried if accidentally touching the cage of the heater would burn you, but there was no problems at all.

Sad to say though, that I wasn’t able to ship this kotatsu back. Or rather, I wasn’t able to bring it back intact. This kotatsu cost ¥7500 altogether, but shipping just the table parts would have cost ¥18000. Refusing to pay that ridiculousness, what I ended up doing was taking just parts of the kotatsu back with me to be repaired eventually.


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