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Life This Month 10 – July 2012 (After Japan)

For the time skip between Life This Month 9 (March 2012) to this, look up my Life in Japan series, where the links of all 3 can be conveniently found here in this page.

My desk is virtually exactly the same as it was last month. Maybe I’ll give into putting some figures on it in August, since this has been bothering me as well.

This month is pretty easy to describe. After the first week or so, I simply just became lazy. I have so much backlogged photos of Japan to post, but I really don’t feel like bothering with it. Nor do I have any new photos because I don’t have any figures on my desk.

I did and still am slowly working on a post about my trip to Odaiba, but with over 200 photos for that single trip alone and my laziness, it is still not done and probably won’t be for a while. My work on my gunpla also hit some snags and halted projects.

For fun stuff, I started playing Phantasy Star Online 2 after hearing about it on my Twitter. I’m especially enjoying this game because I’m watching Sword Art Online at the same time. I first knew about the Phantasy Star series through the Xbox360 game, and I gotta say that this is several times more improved.

In early July, I remember reading a bit of manga (神のみぞ知るセカイ & 最近、妹のようすがちょっとおかしいんだが) but I soon fell out of the routine as I fell into the whirlpool of laziness. Just today however, I got back into reading them and finished a volume.

My laziness mainly consisted of sleeping at 2am, waking up at noon, hopping onto the bed being lazy, and overall wasting time. My last few packages from my shipments via boat are finally arriving. So when I get off my lazy butt, I should work on my backlog of monthly loot posts.


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