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ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo         (有料ゾーン Admisson Zone)

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For all of my posts of my trips in Japan so far, I have been doing them chronologically, but this one is going to be out of order. I wanted to get this one published not too late, but it’s second to last with 3 trips in April, 5 in May, and 3 in June that is ahead of it. So that’s why this post going to be out of order.

So just where am I going for my second to last trip? Well, I’m crossing the famous Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by car, and if you click the 1st image, you will see that I am heading to Odaiba! Seeing the 1/1 Gundam is a must, but before that, this will be part 1 of 3, where in part 1 we will be going up to the highest floor for the Gundam Front Tokyo’s paid section. Of which not much bloggers have talked about, I think.

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2 responses to “ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo         (有料ゾーン Admisson Zone)

  1. Q September 13, 2012 at 09:05

    That’s a very impressive area to visit! Looks like miles apart from the free admission area!

    The impression of taking you into the space, and see the life size Strike Freedom and Core Fighter is quite something. I also have my eyes on the A Baoa Qu as it’s also not something one gets to see very often. Too bad how there are stuff that one cannot take pictures of, as it’s a rule that is not often deployed in events I personally have been. Thanks for the coverage!

    • セイヤ/Flawless September 14, 2012 at 14:55

      No problem! I myself was most interested in the 1/1 Strike Freedom (perhaps hinting at the eventually Real Grade?).

      The stuff that I couldn’t photography were framed arts, original storyboards, an interactive display of character profiles, summaries of each Gundam series, and a board with signatures from voice-actors across many Gundam series.

      Honestly, I don’t see any issue with taking photographs of those. I don’t know why companies need to be such a jerk about that.

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