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ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo         (ガンプラTokyo Gunpla-Tokyo)

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Continuing on my trip to Odaiba, after the Admisson Zone, are the free zones. One of which is Strict-G, an apparel store that features non-Gundam related Gundam stuff. By that, I mean their stuff isn’t very Gundam like. I was looking something like this and they don’t even come close. I think you can tell just from the photo above.

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2 responses to “ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo         (ガンプラTokyo Gunpla-Tokyo)

  1. Q September 13, 2012 at 08:49

    The free admission area reminds me of the regional Gundam Expo events such as those in Hong Kong and Singapore, where they are mostly display of released Gunplas and perhaps a bit of history about them, minus the Strict G shop that is.

    The Sinanju and Zaku vs Type 61 diorama from last year’s winning entries really do look nice. I wanted to see them in person when they were moved to Hong Kong for worldwide finals but couldn’t do so due to my bad timing >_<

    • セイヤ/Flawless September 13, 2012 at 22:34

      I have never been to those events, so this was really my first time seeing an exhibit of gunpla.

      The details and the paint finish of the Sinanju was really awesome to see. I’m especially curious about how the base was made.

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