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電撃 G’s Festival Comic Vol. 23 レビュー Review

When I first saw this issue of Dengeki G’s Festival Comic, I knew that I had to pick it up. I still haven’t watched Accel World yet, and there really isn’t anything that is keeping me from it, so I suppose I will start on it soon.

Only in Japan will you find thick magazines with worthwhile goodies such as this.

Sure you can import stuff yourself, but the benefit of being in Japan not only includes not having to deal shipping overseas or the crap currency exchange rate, but you also get retail exclusive bonuses, such as this nice card (a bromide) when you buy the magazine from a store called Gamers.

Here is a page introducing the characters of Accel World.

Some news and info about the Accel World game for the PSP and PS3.

A huge portion of the rest of magazine are chapters of manga from different series. Interestingly, the table of contents is on the back on the magazine.

Also attached is a survey. My answer: I bought this magazine solely for the tapestry and nice cover page.

This transparent bag is all that decorates an otherwise plain cardboard casing.

Inside are the instructions, parts to hang the tapestry, and the tapestry itself. Very easy to assemble, the pictures tell you everything even if you don’t know Japanese.

Wow! Looks so nice! She’s so adorable. (* ̄∇ ̄*)

When I was in Kyoto, I hanged it right besides my bed. Being a “Shower Tapestry” you can hang it up in your bathroom since it’s waterproof. I certainly might. (〃∇〃)

One thing that surprised me a lot was the quality of this tapestry, including the size. Most expensive tapestries that you can buy are way tinier in comparison. Not only is it bigger, but it was made so without a compromise in overall quality. I can honestly say that I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this!


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