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Life This Month 12 – September 2012

Once again, another late “Life This Month”. This is not the first time nor the last, as I will probably continue to be lazy and forget. So currently, I’m still working on the last part of the Gundam Front Tokyo post. It’s big, and it’s gonna take a while to finish.

Besides that, I plan on taking photos of my new place, hopefully within this month. Until then, here’s a peak at my desk. Oh, and I forgot to do the Monthly Loot posts too, if I even bought anything this month.

This month was relatively good. Was excited to move in and once I did, I had all the free time I wanted to do absolutely nothing. I was pretty stress free. The only thing I’m worrying about is my nutritional health.

My 2nd year at university just started last week, and so far it’s so-so. For some reason, I started to doubt my ability to learn and memorize. After realizing that, I worked on preparing myself mentally.

Ironically, being under the same roof with friends didn’t help my loneliness much, because everyone want to do their own thing instead of doing something together. Things will have a bad ending if it keep going like this.


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