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Life This Month 14 – November 2012

Last month, I had said that I intended to reconnect myself with my hobbies. I went into this month with some good progress, I had finally rearranged all of the photos for the final part of the 1/1 Gundam post as well as the photos for my newest room post, but I got enslaved by school work right afterwards. I don’t think I have ever been this busy all my life…

Finally, the end of November and the storm is starting to pass (literally and figuratively). Here is the photo of my desk like always.

All these manga that I didn’t have the time and leisure to read…

At least I was able to briefly play with my Petites. It has been a while since I did anything with my figures.

Nice decorations for the corner of my desktop monitor.

These games that I couldn’t play. And it’s hard to believe that Autumn is already starting to pass when it hardly began.

These Nendoroid Special Sakuma Drops that I wasn’t able to eat…

I have been lacking sleep lately, but it’s comfortable when I do get to dive in.

As mentioned, I was unbelievably busy this month. Not all of my work is over yet, but the main chunk of it has passed. For fun, I really wasn’t able to do anything. I played some Halo 4 here and there but I still haven’t finish the campaign (gonna be doing that tonight). December will largely be winter break, so I’m hoping to finally enjoy my time.


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