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ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo        (1/1 RX 78-2 Gundam Ver. GFT)

So in the last 2 parts, we looked at Gundam Front Tokyo, both the free zone and the admission zone. Now we will head outside the building for what I really went to Odaiba for, the 1/1 RX78-2 Gundam. Since these are almost entirely just photos of the same thing at different angles, I’m not going to have much descriptions or comments. By the way, here are some links to other sites with coverage on this 1/1 Gundam as well.

無料ゾーンを満喫しよう!ガンプラTOKYO潜入レポート – (Hobby Search)
Gundam Front Tokyo – (American Salary Man)
1/1 Gundam RX-78-2 @ Odaiba Diver City Tokyo – (An Army of Zakus)
Gundam Front Tokyo Part 1 – (Daybreak’s Bell)

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2 responses to “ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo        (1/1 RX 78-2 Gundam Ver. GFT)

  1. 赤信号 December 5, 2012 at 03:33

    cool shots mate! I went there as well and the 1-1 Gundam just blew me away. It’s crazy when you think about scenes like A Baoa Qu or Solomon where hundreds of suits this size are battling it out…=3

    • セイヤ/Flawless December 19, 2012 at 16:03

      Yeah, I enjoyed seeing the 1/1 Gundam. I was pretty excited when I first caught glimpses of it. Even more so though, I really enjoyed walking around the gunpla room. I could have easily spent an additional hour or two in there!

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