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ソードアット・オンライン クリア しおりセット レビュー     Sword Art Online Clear Bookmark Set Review

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Here is the review of the Sword Art Online bookmark set, made by Broccoli and retails for ¥600. I bought this last month, and my previous bookmark set that I bought was back in July of 2011. Since then, my manga collection has grown and plus, I wanted something of Sword Art Online.

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2 responses to “ソードアット・オンライン クリア しおりセット レビュー     Sword Art Online Clear Bookmark Set Review

  1. TakoTalk February 8, 2013 at 19:05

    Those bookmarks look cool! I like the one with Kirito & Asuna in the forest the most. :)

    What do you think of SAO? I enjoyed it, but I’m not a huge fan.

    • セイヤ/Flawless February 8, 2013 at 20:45

      I’m putting the show on pause at ep. 14, which is the end of the Aincrad Arc. So I’m only speaking up until that point, and my opinion is about the same. I think that it the show would have benefited from splitting the arcs into 2 separate seasons, so that more of the boss battles are not cut and more time for character development.

      I think I will resume watching after a week or so. A friend is reading the novel, he said he was loving it and even better than the anime. I might try, if I ever finish my current novels.

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