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MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 8 – [GN Condensers]

I really haven’t progressed much on MG Exia. Just the GN Condensers since the last time. Starting with the legs, the GN Condensers there consist of a convex clear piece that fits under a green piece with etchings.

Combine that with the sticker underneath, the effect looks wonderful.

The arms are the same, with the double layers of clear and green.

The GN Condenser on the chest is only a single layer. I was also quite surprised to find out that Bandai pit in green pieces for the chest vents.

The ones on the side of the head also have just a single layer.

Still quite far from being finished and honestly, the sanding for colored pieces are not going well at all. The way the GN Condensers were done, with the clear green and etching, looks wonderful. However, that prevents me from making them glow in the dark without ruining the color or the transparency.


2 responses to “MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 8 – [GN Condensers]

  1. Hikarunu February 25, 2013 at 07:40

    nice, did you hand brush painted on that clear parts?

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