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Life This Month 17 – February 2013

So after neglecting my blog for a few months, I finally got around to post some old stuff. I also took the time to revise my About page thoroughly. It is pretty much complete. In addition, I worked heavily on the Photoshoot Gallery page and the Japan Gallery page, both can be assessed on the left columns. They are ways for readers to browse though photoshoots new & old and the entirety of my adventures in Japan.

All was well until I started to sort my photos from my trip to Wakayama. 114 photos to go through. And to make matters worse, I got really busy and will continue to be until the end of March.

Well, at least I got some red envelopes for Chinese New Year. Perhaps I can reward myself for my hard work?

Oh, I’d love to be able to relax like Reimu does. I hate to say it but don’t expect much in March. I will be back with new stuff in a few weeks. Until then!


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