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京都駅周辺 Kyoto Station Area – May 2nd 2012

During some of my earlier strolls through places in Kyoto, I noticed that the movie, Super Hero Taisen, was showing in theaters. I have wanted to see the movie ever since passing by the promotional posters. Originally, my friend was to accompany me and watch the movie together, but after having our wallets sucked dry in Osaka, he had to pass on what could have been his first tokusatsu movie. I found that the Aeon Mall close to the Kyoto Station had a theater showing this movie, so that is my main target. However, the last time I was in the Kyoto Station area, I was simply just passing by, so besides just watching the movie, I took this chance to explore the area around the Kyoto Station as well.

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Arrival at the Kyoto station and full of people as always. Major stations in Japan are anything but your typical 2 platform train station. They are more like malls combined with airports, just with a multitude of trains and subways instead of planes.

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