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Life This Month 22 – July 2013

The tediousness that began during the last week of June continued throughout July. The only savior of having a decent month was that I moved into a new apartment where the atmosphere was much more lively and welcoming.

As you can see, I have moved my beloved desk from my parent’s house to this new apartment. Not only is this desk much wider, but the shelves allow me to place so much more colorful things around my desk.

The moving process took several days to finish. Initially, I moved my bed, desk, and several boxes of figures.

Then all hell broke loose when everything else was moved.

After a couple hours of arranging, the room started to get more organized. After another day or two, everything found its own rightful place. I haven’t unpacked any figures yet, but it is only a matter of time before I do. However, the room is quite dark and I need to use my tripod for long exposures.

In addition to moving stuff in my room, I found the living room to be quite messy and the layout less than optimal, so I presented my roommate with 6 alternative layouts. I was happy to see that he liked one of them, and so we worked together to clean up and arrange the living room.


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