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日本町 Japantown – August 17th, 2013

Originally, this trip was planned for June, the month with my birthday and my only week of summer break. However, we couldn’t set up a good timing, and so the trip was pushed to August, the month with one of my friend’s birthday. Even then, it was still difficult to plan a proper meeting time with everyone due to a friend’s bad circumstances.

Having been to Japantown semi-frequently for the past 3 years, I knew our routine well. Not a whole lot changes after all. We went through all the same familiar shops, looking at their stock and inserting jokes wherever appropriate.

The restaurant that we always eat at is Izumiya. The primary reason is that I really like their donburi, which is what I usually eat. Except this time, I decided to try out their curry since I haven’t had any in a while, especially not in Izumiya. A friend couldn’t finish his own curry, so I ate a portion of his too. I do like their donburi much more though.

Once we were done eating and browsing through various shops, we would then camp out in Kunokuniya for at least an hour. If I really want to find some good stuff, I like to spend 2 to 3 hours examining every shelf one by one. Sadly, I didn’t really get to do that this time around because for some reason, we rushed and tried to leave at 6pm. We ended up missing the bus anyways and had to waste a whole hour as a result.

These are my loot for the day. Given the small amount of time I had, the only new series I picked up was Seven Sisters. The rest of the 5 other books were put on reserve ahead of time and then quickly picked up by me prior to eating at Izumiya.

Here is what my friend bought. 2 wall scrolls of Kuroyukihime from Accel World. I hate to discourage him from buying what he likes, but he really should get serious about the money he owns me. In fact, I made him count to 1100 and in return, I took out $5 from his debt. It was quite entertaining to watch.

Overall, it was a good day as this was a gathering of some friends that I haven’t seen for months and even a year. I would have liked more time in Kinokuniya, but I should have been better prepared in advance. After I got home, I watched several episodes Gundam SEED Remastered with a friend until he had to leave. Happy Birthday.


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