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九月の購入物 September Loots – 2013

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A total of 3 packages came in this month. Two of them were boxes from AmiAmi, the third package was actually from an international seller on Amazon.com.

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2 responses to “九月の購入物 September Loots – 2013

  1. TakoTalk October 3, 2013 at 16:59

    Personally, I think you should open up Kobato! A few reasons: 1. It’s Kobato! She’s flawless afterall. And 2. Figures from GSC aren’t always meant to be kept in their boxes for super long periods of time. It’s good for them to breathe and get air!

    Also, should I give the To Love-Ru series a chance? I’m not sure if I’ve asked this before, but I really like the artwork for the characters, especially Yami and Momo. But yeah, give it a chance, or no? :D

    • セイヤ/Flawless October 3, 2013 at 21:03

      That really depends on whether or not you enjoy looking at cutely drawn bishoujos with semi-ecchi scenes for an anime. The first 26 episode TV series had a mediocre plot line that, well, dragged on for 26 episodes. And a minor point maybe, but I didn’t like any of its theme songs.

      Personally, I’m enjoying Motto To Love-Ru much more, since there is no overarching plot line and each episode consists of 3 short chapters that simply depicts cutely drawn bishoujos with semi-ecchi scenes.

      I have yet to watch To Love-Ru Darkness, but I love the manga, so I’m confident that the anime is good too. It does have a worthwhile plot in my opinion.

      To Love-Ru: maybe
      Motto To Love-Ru: d(゚∀゚)b
      To Love-Ru Darkness: likely d(゚∀゚)b

      Personally, I think the series is worth a try. I don’t think the first series was that good, but it does introduce and get you acquainted with all the characters. PS: Momo first shows up in one of the OVAs, not in the first series.

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