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Life This Month 25 – October 2013

This month, I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for how things went. During the first two weeks, I worked on a lengthy post on my trip to Hikone, in addition to building my Valvrave models. However, what perturbed that schedule was Phantasy Online 2.

Old readers of my blog may remember that I have quit playing PSO2 around a year ago, due to the lack of friends that played the game with me. However, one of my friends recently got himself a PS Vita and because of that, he now wanted to play PSO2 with me. So I got back into the game and it immediately hooked me in once again, to the point where I didn’t complete anything else.

Besides playing PSO2 all day, I also watched quite a bit of Gundam SEED Remastered. While the only current shows I’m watching are the 2nd seasons of Valvrave and Infinite Stratos, I did start Nisemonogatari, Amagami SS+, and Sora no Otoshimono Forte. I would liked to have played more visual novels or read more manga, but I gave PSO2 more than its share of time.

As with everything in life, balance is very important and I intend on balancing my share of fun in all of my hobbies. If my friends continue to play PSO2, I’m considering on starting a new series to record our random adventures in the game. After all, I have a bunch of screenshots that I don’t know what to do with!


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