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SF Japantown – November 1st, 2013

As soon as me and my friend begin planning our next trip to SF Japantown, we knew that it would be all about manga. During our previous trip in August, I was unhappy about how I didn’t have time to dig through the shelves of Kinokuniya, so I wanted to set myself loose this time. In addition, my friend who is normally uninterested in manga, special ordered two volumes of a certain series he came across online.

It is just the two of us this trip and so meeting up was not as chaotic as last time. The first thing we did when we arrived at Japantown was pick up our special order and then head off for lunch.

In the photo above, the stack of manga was our special order. The middle two books were my friend’s, and the top & bottom books were mine.

We ate at Izumiya as usual. To be specific, my friend ate at Izumiya. I accompanied him, but I did not order anything.

Instead, I ate five of these for lunch. In addition to buying more if I wanted more, I get a variety of flavors to pick from each time.

After a long day (of which were mostly spent in Kinokuniya), as we were treading home and waiting for the bus, I opened our backpack to peek at our bag of manga.

After arriving at my house, my friend booted up his PS3 and we took turns playing some Gundam Extreme VS and Gundam Breaker. While they played, I organized our loots. The stack on the left is mine, and the stack on the right is my friend’s.

At the end of the day, this trip was a really good trip. I spent as much time as I wanted in Kinokuniya and I broke my record of how many volumes of manga I bought at once. My friend also had a good time buying manga, which he had never done the last dozen times we have been to Japantown. If there was anything I was upset with, it would be that Kinokuniya didn’t had the Vol. 4 of Minamoto Monogatari, which released in mid-October. And because of that, a trip in December is guaranteed…


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