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Life This Month 27 – December 2013

The beginning of December was marked by the constant rush to catch up with the blog. After all the delayed posts were finished, winter break began and although I was supposed to be free, a few uncontrollable things happened, resulting in a week of break gone in the blink of an eye.

Unlike last year, I actually had a little bit of money to buy Christmas presents this year. So I returned to my parent’s place for a week to give the presents out, in addition to visiting SF Japantown together with friends.

You can read in depth about my day on Christmas, or see what I bought for friends at the end of this page. I’m still unsure of whether or not I chose the right presents to give. There is still much for me to learn.

My week at home was both pleasant and also very unpleasant at the same time. For the good things, I ate well and my little brother showed a genuine interest in PSO2 for the first time. But for the bad things, my room is no longer a comfortable room to be in, since I have barely any stuff there. In addition, there was a lot of waiting for my brother and I did get angry at him again. Given how he is always half the reason why I returne home, it really sucks that he doesn’t seem to miss me at all.

Upon returning back to my apartment at the end of the month, it was time to play catch up again on various scheduled posts. And with that, 2013 came to an end.


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