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SF Japantown – December 21st, 2013

It doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago when I had my manga shopping spree at SF Japantown on Nov. 1st, but in less than 2 months, I’m back here again.

Since I wasn’t able to get my hands on Minamoto Monogatari Vol.4 last time, I knew that I would be back soon. But in addition to that, a couple of my friends were going to watch a movie here, so that made for a perfect timing.

Some neat decorations outside in the plaza.

Each of my friends came here separately and while waiting for everyone to arrive, I had fun telling one of my friends about the Gundam franchise as we stood in a store looking at some model kits. I realized that I can talk a lot when the topic is right.

Izumiya was one of the few restaurants that actually decorated their store for the holiday season. We didn’t eat here this time. Like I have done on my previous trip, I simply bought a bunch of onigiri from the shop downstairs.

One of my friends was going to eat here, but the store didn’t allow the rest of us who weren’t going to eat in. So as a result, they didn’t get any of our business. It was a reasonable store policy, only if the store was full and there were other customers waiting in line, but that was not the case.

I really like the Christmas decorations throughout the mall.

This was the movie that my friends were here to watch. While they watched their movie, me and my brother strolled around until they finished. Thinking back, it has been years since I watched the Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu movie here.

The bag of treasure that I have brought home this time. I have really gotten into reading manga over time.

When me and my friend bought the manga, we were given some of these by the store. I have no interest in keeping any of it, so I will likely give these away.


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