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Room During Apartment #1 (Davis – 2012)

For a part of 2012 and half of 2013, this is the apartment where I will be living together with friends in. Initially, I was very excited to live here, but I soon realized some shortcomings that unfortunately, I have done all that I possibly can to address but to no avail. In this post, I’m showing you photos of the place, which looks fantastic, and that is why I chose to live here. However, you wouldn’t be able to see the problems that I face here. I will touch on those issues at the end of the post for those who are curious, so let’s get this tour started.

Our place is on the 2nd floor with a pretty nice balcony, although we hardly use it. Below is a video of the apartment, which should give you a better idea of the layout than the photos. The quality of the video isn’t very high, so that’s where the photos come in.

The living space is quite large and very roomy, especially because we hardly have anything. All of the decorations, like posters and such, were put up by me.

Now rotating to the right (clockwise), you can see the elevated counter top that is hiding the kitchen.

Here is how our doorway looks like. The actual door is the one on the right. The left door is a small closet where we stuffed our shoes into. I thought I’d make use of the space on top of it to put my gunpla, although they are quite tiny in the context of the room. A 1/60 or 1/48 scale would make a much better display. If you watched the video before looking at these photos, then you would know that we have a 2nd floor that leads into a bedroom (mine), despite already being on the 2nd floor.

The kotatsu is the same one from Kyoto, just repaired because I had to cut it apart and leave some pieces behind. I sure put a lot of time into this thing…

Here is a closer look. Since the 2 big pieces of wood were too heavy to carry and too expensive to ship, those were left behind in Japan. The top piece is replaced by plexiglass, which allows me to display some nice images underneath. The insides of the kotatsu has a few pieces of wood holding it together.

Since our kitchen is shared by 3 other people, of whom are not as tidy as I am, this place gets quite messy. Trash gets piled up pretty quickly as well.
In this apartment, we have 2 bathrooms, 1 in the hall way and another in the master bedroom. The one in the hallway is generally shared by me and 1 other person. And just when you thought the bathroom looks normal…

…you realized that I do not hesitate to decorate any space I use. It’s ok, those are waterproof tapestries and posters.

This is one of my housemate’s room. How undecorated it is should be a hint that this is not my room. The person in this room is the messiest person here. The room looks clean now because he cleaned it up since he didn’t want his messy room on camera.

The master bedroom, shared by 2 people. It has its own bathroom and a walk-in closet. You can go out onto the balcony from this room too. The bathroom is just a mirror image of the bathroom you saw earlier. I did gave them a small poster to put in their bathroom though.

Heading up to my room now, and here is a shot at the space on top of the closet. Still quite barren, I don’t really have enough gunpla to fill this space fully.

At last, here is my room. It really does look like my room, regular readers may recognize some of my favorite items that persists in my previous rooms.

These photos were taken in October, and this photo of my desk is the same one in Life This Month 13. Stuff has moved around since then.

Some photos close up. Personally, as nice as this one looks, I feel like I could use a bigger desk.

Here is my precious bed. It is not a large bed, but it’s comfy the way I like it. It is the same one from my room at home.

Can you count how many pillows I have? This is a trick question.

For as long as the sun is out, my room gets lit up because of these sunroofs. Sure, it is a nice way to save energy, but I’d like to sleep in peace for a little longer…

My TV with my xbox 360 hidden underneath the table, as well as my small closet with sliding mirror doors. On the floor is a bunch of posters that I’m trying to figure out how to put up without damaging them. Quite a difficult issue to solve.

My closet really is quite small, but it’s big enough for me since I don’t have much clothes. The top of the closet has some shelves, which I used to put my figure boxes. I don’t have a big desk here, so I can’t display much figures, so this is all that I took with me. I actually still have not opened Taneshima Popura just yet.

So that is all for my apartment and room. As for the issues that I face here, I will keep it short: too much of a temperature difference between bottom and top floor, I can hear everything that goes on in the kitchen, no one never uses the living room, and not enough of a damn is given about various things. I came to this apartment wanting to treat it as my new home and my friends as family. Sadly, recent experiences (mentioned in my recent Life This Months) tell me that my “home” is only the extent of my room, and my “family” is only myself. As such, I have begun to withdraw everything that is mine from the living room into my room. After our contract with this apartment ends, we will probably move to a different place. This time, I will chose the place based on the bedrooms, not the apartment as a whole.

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