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My Room At Home – 2012

These photos were taken on September 3rd, a couple days before I move to a new apartment near my university. Now that I’m gone, the room doesn’t look like this anymore, as I took a lot of stuff with me. But this was how it looked like when I was there.

Upon walking in through the entrance, this is what you will see. Feel free to compare to my room a year and a half ago.

The left wall next to my desk was where I used to put my figure boxes, but as my collection grew larger and larger, I had to relocate them. Now it has stuff that I plan on taking with me to my new apartment.

A shot of the glass shelves that I put up, which held 2 layers of Nendoroid boxes and a couple of Figmas too.

In the 3rd corner of my room is where I game, which is the sole purpose of the TV as I don’t actually watch TV. The AC next to the TV gets used every single day.

A wider shot showing the wallscrolls around and the huge pile of figure (and also gunpla) boxes that stretches all the way across the wall.

A closer look at all of the boxes. Over half of those gunpla are unbuilt or are in the works. I’m thinking of selling a few of the figures towards the right side.

In the last corner of my room is the doorway. Nothing specular, which was why I added another set of glass shelves above the door.

This glass shelf holds about half of my Figmas. The ones with the larger boxes are in that pile next to the TV. On the left is a video around the room.

The room doesn’t look like this anymore, and probably never will again. That is exactly why these photos are worth looking at. This room was an extension of  my personality, and maybe you can see that transfer over to my new rooms, all of which you can keep track of in my About page.

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