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Room at Parent’s House – 2013

With a bunch of my stuff moved to my 2nd apartment, I felt that it was necessary to move all the furniture around the room for a more suitable arrangement. Everything within a room interacts with one another, resulting in a certain function and feel for the room. With the key pieces removed in addition to me not being there 90% of the time, the previous design broke down. And so, here is how my room looked like in 2013.

You can view all of my rooms up to the present in the page linked below.

List of all my rooms

The place where my desk and bed used to be are now replaced by a spare bed and the AC unit. The TV that is currently there is not mine, but a spare lent from a friend. That TV has some serious color rendering issues, but it was better than not having a TV since mine was moved to my apartment.

This corner of my room was cleaned out to place the desk here. While this photo shows my wooden desk, that has actually been moved to my apartment and it has been replaced by one of my glass desks.

My pile of stuff has moved around the room quite a bit over time, but once again I have moved them back here to this corner. This pile has gotten quite big too.

So that was a quick view of my room in 2013. As more and more time passes, this room feels less and less mine. At this point, it’s really more of a spare room where I put some of my stuff. In the long term, eventually I will move away from my parent’s place. But in the short term, I don’t know what to do with all of my stuff until I make that transition to moving away.

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