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Life This Month 28 – January 2014

Already another year has passed. Actually, “already” is not an appropriate word to use for me. In truth, 2013 went by quite slowly, almost painfully slow at some moments.

Every new year is also my blog’s anniversary. It has taken me 4 years, but I finally held my first giveaway in celebration. Sadly, I only had 6 entries. I know that my prizes weren’t exactly spectacular, but I had expected much more entries given how people had nothing to lose. Worse, out of the 4 total winners, only 2 had replied to my emails. The giveaway was quite the silent disaster. Continue Reading!!

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Important: The blog has moved from “flawlessexa.wordpress.com” to “flawlesspassion.wordpress.com“. The new site is exactly the same. All of the posts, pages, and even your comments have been duplicated to the new site thanks to WordPress’s export tool. The primary difference is the URL, it now matches the name of the blog. For now, “flawlessexa.wordpress.com” will continue to mirror the latest posts.


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Room at Parent’s House – 2013

With a bunch of my stuff moved to my 2nd apartment, I felt that it was necessary to move all the furniture around the room for a more suitable arrangement. Everything within a room interacts with one another, resulting in a certain function and feel for the room. With the key pieces removed in addition to me not being there 90% of the time, the previous design broke down. And so, here is how my room looked like in 2013.

You can view all of my rooms up to the present in the page linked below.
List of all my rooms

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SF Japantown – December 21st, 2013

It doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago when I had my manga shopping spree at SF Japantown on Nov. 1st, but in less than 2 months, I’m back here again.

Since I wasn’t able to get my hands on Minamoto Monogatari Vol.4 last time, I knew that I would be back soon. But in addition to that, a couple of my friends were going to watch a movie here, so that made for a perfect timing. Continue Reading!