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Meltyblend Chocolate (Winter Limited)

I’m not a big fan of chocolate, but occasionally I like to try out something new. To be honest, I suppose I was much more enchanted by the design of the box rather than wanting to eat chocolate. Continue Reading!!

プリン Pudding 2

Following up upon the previous プリン Pudding post, here are some other kinds of pudding that I tried out.

First is this 焼プリン (yaki-purin), which translates to fried pudding. Needless to say, I was curious about the “fried” part. Continue Reading!

唐風カレーライス Chinese Curry Rice

カレーライスの他に、唐風スパゲッティ も食べたいなぁ。

I have not had Chinese-style curry ever since I came to Japan, and now I’m really craving some. A little before I left the States, one of my friends treated me to the box of take-out curry above. Along with Chinese-style curry, I really missed Chinese style spaghetti as well.

Purple Mentos

I just came back grocery shopping at a super market called Life. At Life, I found this tube of grape-flavored Mentos! These purple Mentos brings back great nostalgia! Continue Reading!!