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Figma 仮面ライダータイガ(アックス) レビュー Kamen Rider Taiga (Axe) Review

This Figma Kamen Rider Taiga was bought at Mandarake in Osaka during my study abroad in Japan. It was used, but the price reflected that. I don’t mind if my Kamen Rider stuff had a previous owner, so it was a nice deal. Mandarake is the place to go for second-hand goods, the majority of which are in great condition.

Kamen Rider Taiga, or officially labeled as “Kamen Rider Axe”. I took this photoshoot on the tiny desk that was in my Kyoto dorm room.

The side/back of the box, and the background insert that makes for a great back-drop for this photoshoot. I never did punch them out for the di:stages. I don’t imagine that much people would want to.

Here is all the stuff inside laid out. Not a whole lot of accessories, but it is not like there is anything else they could possibly add.

Quite a nice looking design. Simplistic like most of the Ryuuki riders, which has both good and bad aspects. I do especially love the colors though.

His axe, where he can slide in and activate his Advent cards. Well, not this Figma, but the S.H. Figuarts can.

The hand option parts that is available. Just about the same as the other riders from Ryuuki I’m sure.

But since the axe isn’t too spectacular, let’s summon something more interesting. Strike Vent!

Taiga’s signature weapon, Dest Claws. Taiga is awesome for this weapon alone, if not anything else.

Each individual claw is movable for maximum fun.

The tiger’s palm. Definitely not puni-puni.

Awesome indeed, and below is a gallery of a bunch of slashing and hacking with the Dest Claws.

With the Dest Claws being one of his most memorable features and also his funnest weapon to play with, plus essentially no other accessories, Taiga’s poses may seem a little repetitive with only slashing and hacking with the claws. Never the less, it looks awesome and still fun to play with. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this review!

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