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ジョイントアクション ガンダムAGE-2 ダブルバレット レビュー Joint Action Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet Review

Just like my Mini-Ika Musume Rubber Strap, I bought this on one of my regular trips to the super market. Just one of the many reasons why I love Japanese super markets. I intended to give this to my little brother (and I did), but before so, I took a photoshoot of it.

A small, cheap cardboard packaging, as typical of shokugans. This was the only one I bought by the way, in case you were wondering if I bought any of the other ones.

All the stuff that was inside now out. In addition to the toy, you also get a Tri-Age card, as well as a small piece of gum. Chew gum while you play with a action figure, sounds like paradise, right?

Here is the front and back of the Tri-Age card. The card actually has a nice quality to it.

Finally, the action figure itself. Compared to today’s standard for gunpla, this thing is quite terrible. But as a shokugan, this is the best that I have ever seen. Its range of articulation is wonderful, and it has even more colors differentiation than I expected. As a cheap toy for the sake of just playing around, this is perfect.

As these are made to fly in your only hands, it can’t stand up too well by itself. It’s not impossible though, you just need to get kind of lucky.

But much to my surprise, it actually has a hole where you can insert a stand for aerial poses. So I decided to borrow Nendoroid Elsie’s stand and it works perfectly.

Very articulated and fun to play with. If you were the kind of kid (or maybe still am) that likes to “play with toys”, these Joint Action figures are pretty neat.

I saw that they had mobile suits from generation 1 as well, but I did not see and don’t know if they had these Joint Action figures for generation 3. I would have liked some Gundam 00 or Gundam UC mobile suits, that would be awesome. I know that the Assault Kingdom series of action figures will be released soon, but unfortunately I’m no longer in Japan to buy them in the super market.

おまけ Omake

A little bit of black ink goes a long way in improving its overall appearance. Of course, some areas get rubbed off pretty quickly.

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