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Day 1 in Japan (原宿 & 東京タワー Harajuku & Tokyo Tower)

The day began…well, extremely early in the morning. Although the bed was not uncomfortable or anything, I woke up and found myself drenched in sweat, but it was not hot. I felt perfectly fine and not sick either, strange. After fanning myself a bit, I returned back to sleep. To my surprise, I woke up at about 7am and did not felt sleepy anymore. I did spend most of the 10 hour flight sleeping after all.

A little later, we ate breakfast, which consisted of rice, some fish, and other things that I don’t know the identity of. There was a small bowl of yogurt+fruits though. I ate it, but I am quite unused to having something like that for breakfast. I was then asked what plans I had for today and she also told me that her younger sister will be coming today (not sure if it was a coincidence or not). I told her that I would like to go see the Tokyo Tower and to Harajuku, for the Evangelion store there and buying a gift.

Her younger sister soon arrived and she greeted me when she saw me. I’m still quite surprised at the Japanese’s manners and customs. I, on the other hand, hide myself and don’t really go through the effort of greeting others. We soon departed, and the 2 videos below are of the scenery passing by on the train and arriving at Harajuku.

Upon our arrival at Harajuku, as you can see in the video, there were a lot of people, mostly younger teenagers. We searched for the Evangelion store, but it wasn’t where the map showed us to be. It took us a little while to find it, and it was a bit smaller than I thought as well. None-the-less it was impressive, although I know nothing about Evangelion.

Inside the store, as you can see in the photo above, there is a Eva themed motorcycle. There were also some clothes and a few random goods. After buying what I came here for, it was time for lunch.

Snapped this photo while waiting for the train to take us to 有楽町 (Yuuraku-chou).

After getting off at 有楽町駅 (Yuuraku-chou station), there was some sort of a market thing going on.

For lunch, we ate at a Chinese style restaurant. Technically, it was a Japanese Chinese restaurant, if that even makes any sense. I had shouyu ramen if I remembered correctly. After eating, our next stop was Tokyo Tower. We took a taxi to it.

At the base of one of the legs of the Tokyo Tower, there was this memorial thing commemorating dogs. I had never knew that the Tokyo Tower had something like this around it.

Snapped 2 shots (and some videos) before heading inside.

On the right is my ticket for the main observatory floor. If you want to go even higher, then that would have cost extra. On the left is a video that I took, showing the scenery outside (South, West, North, East).

East side. That skyscraper looking object in the background is the Tokyo Sky Tree. Opens to the public in May I believe?

To the South (just to the right of the photo ahead), you can see the Rainbow Bridge.

And just right under the photo with the Rainbow Bridge, is the Imperial Palace?

West side and North side, respectively. Just vast amounts of buildings, as far as your eyes could see.

North side, just under the photo ahead on the right (connect the road on the far left of the photos). A large building that is unknown to me. If anyone knows what that building is, please do tell me in the comments.

After heading back down the elevator to the ground, there was a monkey performance near the same leg with the dog memorial. After watching a bit of the performance, we took a taxi to a nearby station. On the right, is a quickly snapped photo of the Imperial Palace while I was on the moving taxi.

Again waiting for the train while I snapped this photo. After heading back, we decided to go eat 回転寿司 (kaiten-zushi).

My first time ever eating raw fish.
While the raw fish wasn’t bad and I quite like it, I didn’t like other raw sushi, such as raw eggs or raw shrimp (even though I love shrimp).

All the plates are colored coded and each color is of a certain price. After you finish eating, the waiter/waitress comes along and counts how many plates of each color you ate, and that is your bill. What comes on those plates don’t actually have to be sushi, such as that pack of orange juice that you see on the right.

PS: The photo on the right is a count of all the sushi that everyone ate. I did not single-handedly ate all of that.

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