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Day 2 in Japan (秋葉原 Akihabara)

March 28th, my 2nd and last day in Tokyo. The day before, I went to Harajuku and Tokyo Tower. For today, I thought that I would go to Akihabara before I had to leave for Kyoto. But before that, lunch at Sukiya, a fast food like restaurant where donburi and curry rice are their specialty.

Looked and tasted very yummy, however, the portions of rice in Japanese meals are simply too small. On average, the amount of rice they give you is about 1/3 of my regular meals back at home.

A few shots of around the neighborhood where I stayed at.

Now heading towards Akihabara. The photo on the left is of Ogikubo, which was along the way. The video on right shows me arriving at Akihabara.

Oh this famous street, this famous scene. I have seen it so many times in photos, I can’t believe that I now have my own photo of it.

Miku welcomes you to Akihabara. I would take you home with me, but unfortunately, I do not have a 3DS.

Photos (and a video) of the streets of Akiba below.

I walked around and entered many stores, but the one I spent the most time at was probably the Kotobukiya store. Really awesome.

魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Puella Magi QB Madoka Magica.


インフィニット ストラトス Infinite Stratos. Later in Kyoto, I got a couple of these stickers, but I sure am tempted to buy the entire box set…

僕は友達が少ない Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Just started to watch this series now.

Many displays of figures and models below.

And why not have these posters in the elevator, right?

After exiting the Kotobukiya store, it’s now back to the streets looking for other interesting shops.

Metal build Freedom Gundam. There was a lot of things that I had been interested in, but never seen in person before.

If you are going to walk up flights of stairs, you might as well walk up in one filled with what you love.

It was starting to get late and being on a rather tight time schedule, I’d rather not get lost, so I stuck nearby the station and went to the Yodobashi Camera there. There was so many interesting things, especially model kits. I was incredibly tempted.

Akihabara at night time. I spent close to about 3 or 4 hours or so walking around Akiba. I didn’t look up any specific stores to go to, so I just wondered around, climbing flights of stairs, and looking at things. As I already had too much luggage to take to Kyoto, I kept to my promise of not buying anything.

Now at Shibuya, waiting for my overnight bus to Kyoto. The bus fares from Willer Express seemed to be the cheapest (¥4000 from Tokyo to Kyoto), not to mention that you can make reservations online in English. However, they don’t provide the best instructions for first timers like me. So I had almost missed the bus twice, and also sat in the wrong seat.

These photos were taken while I was on the bus. Time to sleep, the next day will no doubt be a long day. The arrival time for Kyoto is estimated to be at 7am, orz…

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