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ガンダムフロント東京 Gundam Front Tokyo – (ガンプラTokyo Gunpla-Tokyo)

Continuing on my trip to Odaiba, after the Admisson Zone, are the free zones. One of which is Strict-G, an apparel store that features non-Gundam related Gundam stuff. By that, I mean their stuff isn’t very Gundam like. I was looking something like this and they don’t even come close. I think you can tell just from the photo above.

So let’s move on to GunplaTokyo, a large room displaying more Gunpla than you have ever known existed!

The evolution of the RX78-2, from the very first gunpla ever made to the latest in Real Grade series.

Mega size Gundam Age-1 and Age-2, along with some Zaku’s. They certainly tower over all other models on display.

All of the Perfect Grades were on display as well. As I was rushing to take photos and record videos, that left me very little time to actually observe the models carefully with my own eyes. What that means is that I actually have no memory of how large these Mega size and PGs are, since I only have HGs and MGs myself.

Gundam UC Master Grades on the left and High Grades on the right. Somewhat surprised that I don’t have any models from Unicorn just yet. I can guaranteed you that it’s only a matter of time though.

Gundam 00 on the left and Gundam AGE on the right. Being the newest series, Gundam AGE has some nice models, but since I don’t like the series very much, I doubt that I will actually buy one any time soon. Maybe ones from Age-2, maybe. 00 is still one of my favorite series.

Models of other UC series, as well as BB Senshi stuff on the far right. This section was more empty with people than the sections.

If you want some souvenirs in the form of models, then there was a few GFT ver. stuff you can choose from, showcased on the left. I personally wasn’t interested in any of it, so I bought a postcard with the RX-78-2 in space image for ¥100. There was also a display specific to show off new and upcoming kits. Unfortunately, my timing didn’t have much interesting things besides the HG Anksha and perhaps the RG Gundam Mk. IIs.

Also on display was the Japanese national champion of the Gunpla Builders World Cup. I was astonished to see it and I will let the photos do the talking.

And next to it was the Junior course national Japanese champion. I have no idea what is the oldest you can be to still qualify for the Junior course, but that is still a mighty fine work for any age. I sure can’t pull this off.

Just amazing details on both of these champion winners! One day, I will get my own air brush and create my own master piece!

Since it is pretty hard to cover everything with just photos, I recorded 2 videos going through almost all of the models that there was to see at GunplaTokyo on June 18th. I apologize that these videos arn’t in the best quality possible. My DSLR doesn’t have great video capabilities.

So that’s it for this part. The next and final part will be featuring the 1/1 Gundam statue, so stay tune for that.

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