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一乗寺&寺町 Ichijouji & Teramachi – April 7th 2012

A week before, I went shopping at the Teramachi shopping arcade. While I did buy a considerable amount, I put off a few things that perhaps I shouldn’t have been hesitant on. This weekend, a Japanese student wanted to show us around a town called Ichijouji (一乗寺) in the Northeastern side of Kyoto. I agreed to go, but I also suggested that we go to Teramachi afterwards, since there were specific things that I wanted to get.

Just got off at the Ichijouji station, which isn’t all that far but not as close as I would have liked. I was pretty skimpy on train fare at the time. Since the towns up here are relatively small, most of the stations here are unmanned and consists of just the platforms.

A few shots of the neighborhood. Not much to see overall, or at least I simply wasn’t very interested. Looking at just the photos above cab be quite leading of how Ichijouji really is, since I didn’t take photos of the more lively areas.

Our only particular destination was a sweets shop that the Japanese student showing us around really likes. So proceeding through.

And we are here! The restaurant has a really traditional feel to it. First, the door that you see there actually slides off to side, rather than the modern swinging open. After that, you have to take off your shoes and sit on tatami floors with a cushion. This restaurant seemed to have featured just or mainly sweets if I remembered correctly.

Since I know nothing about this restaurant or sweets in general, I said 「お任せてもいいですか」 and have the Japanese student decide for us. We all ended up getting the above. Even though I wasn’t really a sweets person, it looks really good! And it was really good, even though the blunt wooden spoon was kind of hard to use.

The menu and look! I spotted a Kamen Rider Double cup! Why couldn’t I use that cup?

After we finished eating, it’s now time to head to Teramachi again.

It’s the famous Kamo River again. But this time we actually took a different stop, so we are actually further up the river than last time.

春ダー!It’s Spring! And the Sakura are blooming! Not quite full bloom just yet though.
(If you want to see them in full bloom, you can check out my post on the Kyoto Botantical Gardens.)

Entrance into the shopping arcade spotted! It’s a different entrance that last time.

Last time, I showed you all the different anime shops such as Animate or Gamers, but here are some other random stores that Teramachi has. Internet cafes, karaoke, crabs, and even a KFC, which is much more expensive here. The Zoid Gundam doujinshi were spotted at Toranoana. They sure look really cool.

And before you know it, night has fallen. But still as lively as it was 5 hours ago.

This time, I searched more thoroughly to get all of the free pamphlets that I could, and here are all of them.

As for the stuff that I bought here they are. The main thing that I wanted to get was the Dracu-Riot game, its art book, and its bed sheet. The other stuff are a set of Working!! doujinshi, a Working!! mousepad, a pack of Infinite Stratos stickers, and a PSP deco sticker. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have bought one or two of those things. I underestimated the cost of things… (>.<);;

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