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京都植物園 Kyoto Botanical Gardens

On April 12th, I went to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens. It’s Spring and with the sakura fully bloomed, there was no better time for me to visit a botanical garden for the time that I’m here in Japan, me thinks.

First, I passed by the Kamo River, along the banks of which are lined with different kinds of sakura trees. Really beautiful place. Also, since I know next to nothing about plants, I will keep words to a minimum. Just enjoy the photos. (。・ω・。)

Food In Japan – Takoyaki!

I actually don’t like Takoyaki a whole lot, especially since the actual tako portion is so tiny.

夜桜 (Yozakura) Sakura At Night

Getting late, and time to leave. See ya next time! (*´∀`)ノ

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