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My Day’s Journey to Japan

Beginning back on March 26th, I left the house at around 3:30pm and headed towards the San Francisco airport. All was well until we hit a traffic jam on the bay bridge and simply got stuck in slow traffic for over an hour. Finally, I arrived, checked in, and received the ticket shown below.

After I got the ticket, I went through security check. You would think that it would be simple and self-explanatory, but I got really confused and scared during it. When the security check is done and over with, I just wandered around until I got to Gate A7, where I was supposed to wait until departure time. The video above puts it all together.

This is the airplane that I flew in. It always amazes me how something this big and heavy can fly. The take-off sequence was really cool. I wish that I could have took a video and show you, but cameras were not allowed until the plane completed the take-off. The video below shows 3 different points in time during the flight. We left San Francisco, then we went up and around the Pacific Ocean until we reached Japan.

The video is kind of long and boring perhaps, so feel free to jump around it. Also, by complete coincidence, the other passenger (at the end of the video) that sat next to me during the flight was someone who recently graduated from the same university that I’m from. Such coincidence is surely rare indeed.

During the flight, I spent most of the time by sleeping. In fact, by the time I first woke up, dinner was being served. It was a delicious meal. They are handed out a mango flavored ice cream thing, but that actually tasted pretty bad…

I really like this photo. ^^

A little while later, the next meal was served. This meal wasn’t as good as the first, probably just because this was Western style.

After another set of time, the plane finally reached the shores of Japan. Sorry for the blurry photos, but as the plane nears land, the scenery passes by faster and given this low light, the shutter couldn’t go fast. The night scenery from the sky was really amazing, more so with our naked eyes than photos, and especially Tokyo, so vast and simply astonishing. After landing, the video below continues the story.

As the message at the end of the 1st video said, I was picked up by someone. With her 3 year old daughter tagging along, she drove me from the Haneda airport back to her apartment. Below is a (rather boring perhaps) video of some of the passing scenes of the streets of Tokyo.

Along the way, we passed by Tokyo Tower, which was all lit up and beautiful. This was the best shoot that I managed to shoot as the car moved along.

After over an hour of driving, we finally reached the apartment. Hard to explain, but parking system is really cool. In simple words, the car is parked underground, underneath another car. The top car is raised up, like an elevator, then our car is parked underneath, and then the entire thing goes back down, with our car now underground. AKA 2 cars in 1 spot.

And the photos above showed the room that I stayed in. After arriving, it was already well passed midnight, so I just took a shower then slept.  And with that, ends my entire day’s journey to Japan. The day had been long and tiresome, but I have finally arrived! ^^

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