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My Dorm Room in Kyoto

Spending 2 months here in this room was pretty fun, thanks in no small part to my roommate here. Located on the 2nd floor (yay), and it is the perfect size for two people, even though they were supposed to squeeze three to a room. We got lucky where the third person ditched out, so our room were more roomy than others.

My friend’s bed, with most of the stuff surrounding it belonging to him, although I do use the lower half of the shelf. At the end of his bed is my desk.

Here is my bed, right front of the sliding window/door that leads out to the balcony. We don’t go out to the (dirty) balcony much, especially after the curtain broke and cannot lift up properly. Right above my bed is the AC unit, which is on most of the time, including when we sleep. Yes, we both like the room cold.

I got used to hugging my dakimakura to sleep every night, and so I took it with me when I came over to Japan. I also used one of my many bedsheets that I got during my shopping sprees. Ahh, it was sure comfortable sleeping here.

On the right are the tapestries that I hanged up on the wall next to my bed. The Kuroyukihime tapestry came with a Dengeki G’s Magazine and it’s a waterproof tapestry that you can hang up in your shower. Who would do that? I totally will, in my apartment next year that I will share with friends.

On the left are some posters that I hanged up right above my desk. Perhaps, it is still too plain, but I didn’t have much materials to hang posters up with.

The desk itself, which I don’t really like. It is way too long side to side, but it doesn’t have enough depth. And that series of parallel bars right under the desk surface? I hit my knees on it too often. My friend doesn’t need the desk as he hangs out on his bed with his laptop most of the time.

To the right of the desk, or the wall opposite the beds, are the closets, which were roomy enough to fit even a suitcase inside. I have no issues with them except for a faint weird smell inside. They were also really dusty at first. I am surprised that bats didn’t fly out of them when I first opened them. Do they have bats in Japan?

In the middle of it all is a nice warm kotatsu. By “warm”, I mean it looks warm, as it is off most of the time. Usually our bowls, plates, and sometimes books, go on the kotatsu. Even with the floor mat though, it still hurts your butt after sitting on it for a while. I wished that we had some cushions (that had anime characters on them).

Not sure how well you can envision the layout of the room with just these pictures, so I took and uploaded a video as well. It was a really nice room, especially my hell of a day cleaning it up when I first arrived. In case you don’t remember, the end of this video (2:35) shows you how the room initially looked like.

Ending the post with the huge pile of loot at the end of my bed. This is almost everything that I bought in Japan. Only about half of the things here are mine though, since it includes stuff I bought for my friends. Still, that is a whole lot of money spent there. And I could have spent half of those for myself if only they were here with me. Orz

Now, I’m back in the States. Back in my room with crappy walls, crappy lights, and not enough space. Before I move out of this room into my new apartment at the start of next Autumn, I will get some pictures of the room.

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