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電撃 G’s Festival Vol.22 レビュー Review

This issue of Dengeki G’s Festive is all about the series Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, a fairly popular anime that I have not gotten around to watching just yet.

Side of the box and the back. You can also see how thin the magazine is compared to the box that holds all of the goodies.

A close-up on Erio, and another shot of the back of the magazine, which are advertisements for Weiß Schwarz and Victory Spark. Any of you play any moé card games? I used to play Yu-gi-oh (Yuu-gi-ou) ages ago, but that isn’t filled with moé girls like these.

Now let’s take a quick look of the contents of the magazine. I won’t show you every page but it does it give a nice idea of how the magazine is laid out.

The first 2 pages are advertisements, after which is the Table of Contents that you see above. On the right page are some fabulous prizes available only to people that live in Japan.

For those didn’t watch the series, reading this magazine might spoil everything away. For those who did watch the series, this is really just a recap and not very useful overall.

With the exception of the goodies, the most motivating thing for people to get this magazine are probably the behind-the-scene stuff. Stuff like snips of storyboards, concept art, comments from the staff that produced this series. Meaning that this magazine was made for real fans of the series who like all these, including the recap summaries and random screenshots.

Unfortunately, I’m assuming that most people just bought it for the goodies. So without further delays, the unboxing video above.

All of the goodies together~

First off is the 300 piece jigsaw puzzle. They also give you a small pinup of the illustration for your reference. For some reason, I didn’t expect them to include it, so to me it was a pleasant surprise. The size for the pinup is approximately 29.5 x 21cm and the jigsaw (when completed) is approximately 38 x 26cm.

After completing the puzzle, I bought a frame to frame it up in my dorm. More details in this post.

Card case. This case is actually not that nice. The inside is filled with glitter and liquid to make it squishy, but all the glitter sticks onto the sides. I also cannot imagine anyone actually using this “card case” without destroy its aesthetics.

Big close-up on Erio’s face on the dakimakura, very cute indeed.

The hard to take, full body photo. I folded the dakimakura and stored her away after taking this photo. I have not used her yet but I might soon.

Sadly, this dakimakura cover is not perfect. There is a line that seemed to be skipped over and there are a bit of orange stains for some reason. At least they are small and few in number. I am hoping that I can wash the stains off. The line however, I can’t do much about.

Well, that wraps up my review of Dengeki G’s Festival Vol. 22! Hope that you enjoyed it!

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