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ミニイカ娘 ラバーストラップ レビュー Mini-Ika Musume Rubber Strap Review

What I loved about Japan was that while I was shopping for groceries, I could simply drop by the shokugan or snacks section and pick up interesting goods, such as one of this Ika Musume rubber strap. The price was half-off too, for whatever reason.

The packaging is typically for a shokugan, just made out of some thin cardboard.

On the right, it says that there are 2 types of the rubber straps, a normal one and one that glows in the dark. On the left, the box has a hole that shows you exactly which strap you are buying, unlike some other ones that leaves you praying for the one you want.

There are 4 different straps available and as you saw in the earlier photo, I bought #4, the Mini-Ika Musume one. The back of the box explains about the random chance of getting the normal or the rare glow-in-the-dark type, as well as how Ika Musume’s tentacles are actually movable.

Upon opening the small box, I immediately realized that I got the glow-in-the-dark type. Lucky! Don’t forget about the piece of gum too.

With each type, you also get a card that you can piece together to make a full illustration. By itself, it really isn’t all too interesting, unless you like looking at thighs.

The strap itself, the #4 Mini-Ika Musume along the the shrimps, as promised by its packaging. And the rarer type too. ^^

Some photos of it glowing in the dark. It glows pretty well and it’s easier to see in person than to take photos of it.

Bendy tentacles, also promised by the box. It makes a regular strap all the more fun. ^^

Tentacle attack geso.


Given how thick the strap is, the tentacles are not super bendable, but it can grab onto the shrimps as such at its limit. That is the end of my short review of this nice and interesting strap, see ya next time. *Mini-Ika Musume waves goodbye*

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