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俺妹 クリア しおり セット [Ver. 1] OreImou Clear Bookmark Set [Ver. 1]

俺妹クリアしおりセット[Ver. 1]のレビューです。
This is a review of the OreImou Clear Bookmark Set [Ver. 1]!

Made by Broccoli, retails at ¥600.


The set comes with 3 bookmarks. 1 of them has the same illustration as the paper backing. The other 2 has horizontal illustrations.


Kirino and Kuroneko at Akihabara, staring back with a tsun tsun face. Kyousuke is also in the background. ^^;

Kirino posing at Akihabara.


Kirino is happily staring at a figure of Meruru. Such a cute face on Kirino. ^^

Being a clear bookmark, this should give you an idea of its opacity.

空の台紙。Emptied paper backing.

The bookmarks’ colors and quality are great, plus since it is clear, it looks very nice. Even if you don’t use it, you can display them as well. I highly recommend these clear bookmarks by Broccolii!ヽ(^ω^)ノ

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