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ソードアット・オンライン クリア しおりセット レビュー Sword Art Online Clear Bookmark Set Review

Here is the review of the Sword Art Online bookmark set, made by Broccoli and retails for ¥600. I bought this last month, and my previous bookmark set that I bought was back in July of 2011. Since then, my manga collection has grown and plus, I wanted something of Sword Art Online.

The set comes with a total of 3 bookmarks. The illustration that is on the paper backing is the same as the vertical one. The other 2 has horizontal illustrations. The colors are bright and vivid, which is great.

A group shot of Kirito and the 3 heroines: Asuna, Silica, and Lizbeth.

Kirito sleeping peacefully against the back of Asuna in a forest.

Kirito checking out potions and Asuna holding up teleportation crystals.

Attempting to check out the degree of opacity as these are “clear bookmarks”. However, something seems off. They don’t appear to be very transparent.

Comparing it with my OreImouto bookmarks against different backgrounds, and as you can see, the SAO bookmarks arn’t nearly as transparent as the OreImouto ones.

And the mystery is solved simply by taking a look at the bookmarks’ backside. Very disappointing to be honest.

While these Sword Art Online bookmarks are nice by themselves, I’d say that Broccoli’s quality in making the bookmarks has fallen. I really like my OreImouto bookmarks and I really wish that the designers of Broccoli had taken that extra step in carving out the characters from the background for SAO as well. That really makes each bookmark unique, rather than just the same thing with a different picture. The OreImouto bookmarks had exceeded my expectations, and the SAO bookmarks did not live up to the standard that they had set for me back in July of 2011.

Unfortunately, this has discouraged me from buying any more of Broccoli’s clear bookmarks unless I can inspect it in person first. Since I do not live in Japan yet, that is something that I cannot do. And so, I will likely not buy any until at least some time has passed, until I’m willing to gamble on whether Broccoli has improved or not. I currently have some clear bookmark sets made by Gift on preorder, so I look forward to comparing Gift’s quality with the 2 bookmark sets that I have by Broccoli.

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