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第五回 ワンホビ 特製フォトブック WHL4U 5th Photo Contest Memorial Book

Wonderful Hobby Life For You 13 (WHL4U) was a couple months ago. During that time, its 5th Photo Contest was held. The top 200 entries will receive a special photo book and amazingly, I was one of those 200 in the world.

ワンフェスのWonder Hobby Life For You 13 (以下、WHL4U) があったのは、もう数ヶ月前のことになる。俺はそのWHL4Uのフォトコンテストに参加した。日本のイベントなんだけど、外人の俺でも参加できたので、よかった。入選した200名は特製フォトブックを貰える。そして、俺はその200人のうちの1人に選ばれた。

This just popped up in my mailbox on May 17th. Has everyone gotten their prizes yet?


Inside there are bubble wrap, the book, and a quick letter (in Japanese) thanking you.


The front cover of the book. It goes in the western format of left to right. It is a lot bigger than I thought. I have always imagined it to be a mini-photo album.
Although maybe they should have put the book in between 2 pieces of cardboard instead of bubble wrap?


1598 entries this year, with 322 of them from oversea fans. That’s 20%!
Below are the the 1st couple of pages, which shows the grand winners as well as the special award winners. A few of them by some of our comrades we know! Congratulations!


The left page, from top to bottom: Grand Prize, Gold place, Silver place. The next couple of pages are special awards chosen by people like Max Watanabe, Huke, Type-Moon and etc.


Below are the rest of the pages which shows all of the top 200 entries. The entrees’ nickname, camera model (if available) and comment (if available) are also displayed at the bottom of each page.


As for myself, my entry is on the above page, the Dead Master one is mine. Better view of the photo here.
Looking back, I’m somewhat surprised that I made it to the top 200. I’m grateful, but I will try not to let it get to my head.


Entered the photo contest but didn’t make it to the top 200? If you’re lucky, you might still be able to find your photo on the insides of the front and back cover page.


Once again, congratulations to everyone! No matter how far your entry got, the most important thing is fun! Thanks everybody for your support. See you next time!


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