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Happy New Year & 4th Anniversary (Giveaway Ended)

Happy New Year & 4th Anniversary! It is hard to think that I have been blogging for 4 entire years. Although for the past couple years the site has been pretty quiet in terms of comments and reader interaction, there hasn’t been a single dead month with no updates. That’s something I’m proud of, and this site will continue to remain active for the foreseeable future.

I’ve always wanted to celebrate my blog’s anniversary, and this year I could finally do so for the first time with a giveaway. Before getting into the details, I need to note that I can send physical items to US only. You may enter if you are international, but the only prize you can get is a $5 gift.

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十二月の購入物 December Loots – 2013

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A number of packages came in this month, along side a bag filled with manga bought at SF Japantown. The first box that arrived contained mostly my friend’s stuff, but each thing in the subsequent packages were all mine.

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Life This Month 27 – December 2013

The beginning of December was marked by the constant rush to catch up with the blog. After all the delayed posts were finished, winter break began and although I was supposed to be free, a few uncontrollable things happened, resulting in a week of break gone in the blink of an eye.

Unlike last year, I actually had a little bit of money to buy Christmas presents this year. So I returned to my parent’s place for a week to give the presents out, in addition to visiting SF Japantown together with friends. Continue Reading

Merry Christmas! – 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! How are you spending your holiday season? Over here, it was a white Christmas and there were lots of decorations and events happening. I probably died a few times in the events, but it was all worth it because I got some rare drops. Continue Reading!