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M.S.G ビーストソード レビュー Beast Sword Review

3月に買ったのM.S.G (モデリング サポート グッズ) ウェポンユニット:ビーストソードのレビューです。

This is a review of the M.S.G (Modeling Support Goods) Weapon Unit: Beast Sword, which I had bought back in March. I have never bought any M.S.G Weapon Units
nor any kits from Kotobukiya before, but since it was pretty cheap (¥420), I decided to try it out.


A very small package of only 11cm in width and 20cm in length. Instructions are printed single-sided on the back of a cardboard insert. It is pretty self-explanatory even without the instructions.


A total of 6 small runners, 2 of which are duplicates. All of them are in that mono-color grey.


Here are all of the parts clipped out, cleaned and assembled. The piece on the lower right-hand corner is the hilt. On its left, that almost L-shaped piece can attach to the hilt to form an additional guard.

他のパーツを自由に組み合わせてブレード を作ります。パーツの先端が尖っているので、気をつけてください。下は九つのランダムのコンビネーション。

The rest of the other pieces, shown above, can be freely combined to form the blade. Do note that unlike Bandai, Kotobukiya leaves their pointy edges pointy. Be careful when assembling it. Below are 9 random combinations.


Obviously the more you put on it the more top-heavy it will get. Also the connection between each “block” is not loose and it will not drop off, but it can easily spin around and misalign the edge. Enjoy the gallery of action poses below.


These M.S.G. weapon Units were probably designed to go with Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms series, but as I don’t have any I had to use my Gundam kits. Although the sword is overwhelming in size, the handle is small and fits a bit loose into 1/144 gunpla. As long as you keep the sword upright or held by 2 hands it won’t fall out, if you can keep it upright that is.


The size would definitely fit 1/100 gunpla better, but the handle is just way too small. It is possible to have them hold it, but it has to be supported by 2 hands and kind of just sit there like the pose above.



以上、M.S.G ウェポンユニット:ビーストソードのレビューでした!塗装をするかはまだ知りません。
Thanks for reading! I still haven’t decide whether I’ll paint it or not, primary because I haven’t decided who to give the sword to or to keep it for general use. (^^;)

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